Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Carried A Watermelon?

I can't help but think of that scene from Dirty Dancing, when Jennifer Gray walks into the dance hall awkwardly carrying a watermelon, and everyone looks at her like she is a freak.  That is how I felt yesterday when I walked across the parking lot of TJ Maxx balancing this crazy cage on my buggy.

You can only imagine the looks I received as I wheeled this strange little ginormous, green cage to my car.  I had MW in the buggy, my arms looped through three bags, purse and diaper bag on the other arm, and a buggy with the cage really cool birdcage balancing across the top. I could read the looks on people's faces..."What the heck is that thing?", or "Is that a cage for her kid?", or better yet "Out of all the great stuff in TJ Maxx she comes out with that thing?"

I have to admit, it is big, and strange, but isn't it cool? I found the birdcage on the last aisle of the know the aisle I'm talking about...the one with all the random red sticker items that no one wants.  Well, that's where I found this beauty.  I was so excited to find this, especially since I let that vintage birdcage get away at the Goodwill a few weeks back. 

Also on this aisle were these two glass bell cloches.  I am still left wondering why these were on clearance?  Hmmm...oh well! Score! 

The green color of the birdcage also inspired me to add another pop of green with this pretty, down-filled lumbar pillow.   My husband has threatened to divorce me if I bring one more pillow into our house, but this one was such a pretty shade of apple I just couldn't resist! Maybe he won't notice...hahaha...good one, Aarynn.

I ended my shopping trip with one functional item - this adorable wire egg basket lined with a linen fabric.  Perfect for stashing MW's toys that clutter up the dining room.

So, TJ Maxx, you continue to have my heart! I can't wait to check back in a few weeks to see what else you have in store.  In the meantime, here is a little afternoon entertainment for ya...(insert my face in place of Jennifer's)


  1. Aarynn , I have a recipe for vanilla buttercream in my make pretty cupcakes post. I don't know how to c & p the link from my phone but it should be easy to find. I think I actually included the link in the chocolate post. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. It's my favorite buttercream--just the right amount of sweetness; not so much that it makes your teeth hurt.

  2. That's hilarious...I carried a watermelon? I think the very same thing when I am carrying something awkward..ha! Love the cage!