Got A Question?

Have a decorating dilemma?  I can help! E-mail me your question and I'll come up with a cost effective solution.  Feel free to add photos too.  It helps me "see" the big picture much better. I look forward to helping you conquer those pesky problem spaces in your home.

Question 1:  

Where do I buy chalkboard paint, and which type works better - spray or canned?

Honestly, I've only tried the canned (quart size) chalkboard paint.  I love the smooth, even results, so I haven't ventured into the spray paint world with chalkboard paint.  However, I heard it doesn't not work well, and is very messy. You can purchase both types at Lowes or Home Depot.  The cost for a quart is about $7.

Question 2:

I have a very large master bedroom.  Sounds great, right? NOT! How do I make such a large space look pulled together? 

Great question! I hear this one a lot.  I like to create two separate spaces.  One for sleeping and one for a little sitting area.  Even if your bedroom is more for sleeping than sitting, trust me it looks so great you may find yourself using the room more.  Now, to create two spaces use two large scale rugs (8x12, plus).  This defines the borders of the spaces.  On one rug place your bed, bed-side tables, and perhaps a trunk or interest point at the foot of your 1.  On the other rug, a small settee, love seat, or better yet a chair or two and ottoman, a small table next to your seating choice (with a little reading lamp and some books in a basket), and a dresser or armoire - space 2. 
Check out this example.  Perfection!
Notice the large floor mirror by the bed? Large scale mirrors in both small and large rooms are a
great way to reflect light and make the space seem bright and airy.