Friday, June 24, 2011

Frugal Friday...It Only Looks Like Junk

Okay, I know it looks like a big pile of...junk, but hold on.  I have big plans for these castaways.

Let's start with the shelf, complete with faux gold brackets (yuck!)...

A little background on this - I have been looking for a shelf with hooks for MW's nursery.  I want something to display her gorgeous collection of vintage bonnets (thanks to Vickie Libbey at Libbey's Little Legacies- whoo, whoo!).  Would you believe that every shelf/hook combination that I like is over $50?!! Crazy! I can't figure out why they are so expensive! Anyway, I saw this one at a local thrift shop and got really excited! I know it doesn't look like much now, but just think-  add a coat of cream colored paint, a little distressing, and a swap of the cheap ugly (cheap-good, ugly-always bad) hooks for little glass knobs.  Voila! A shelf prettier AND cheaper than those I have been seeing in the shops around town.  This one cost me $2, but I will probably have to spend around $15 on knobs...still under twenty bucks...not bad!

I started this project today...just couldn't wait! Here is a sneak peek:

Okay, about that wooden 'M' with the darling little sponge star (I say 'darling' very drawn out and dripping with sarcasm)...well, sadly, the star had to go.  It was only attached with a small spot of glue, so it was not difficult to remove (thank goodness).  When I get a minute (really that's all it will take) I plan on painting it chocolate brown and adding it to my home somewhere as a decorative accent.

Finally, the vintage tin tray with hand painted flowers.  It is actually quite pretty just the way it is! Shocking, I know! I love trays, and this one is a nice shade of green and was only $5.  Trays are a great way to make a group or collection look pulled together.  

A mimosa anyone?  It IS Friday! 


  1. Love your blog, just like I love you. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yaaaay, you have a button now! Maybe you did before, and I missed it? In any event, I'm taking it with me! Great finds, btw!