Couture Collection

My husband firmly believes that I am a closet hoarder.  You have seen that show, Hoarders, on TLC.  Well, he thinks that HE is the only thing holding me back from our home being the next episode.  I am a collector, he is a purger.  So, I have to compromise...drats!!   I can't keep all my projects and castaways that I collect, so I am offering them to you! What I can't find room for in my house can become a treasure for your home.  If you are interested in any of the products posted on this page please contact me and we can discuss specifics and pickup! Happy shopping from favorite way to shop!

Girl's Vanity Set
Pale pink table, distressed chair, and toile seat cushion

Set of Farmhouse chairs

$60 (pair), $35 (single)

Small Upholstered Bench
22" (length), 14" (width)

Large Mirror
54 1/2" (length), 29" (width)

Side Table
24" (square top) width, 23 1/2" length)

Vanity Set