Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speaking of babies...

I have exactly SIX summer birthday parties for some of MW's best baby buds! Crazy! So I have been racking my brain over the whole gift thing.  Birthdays are a BIG deal in our family, so I hate to get a cheesy gift that, lets face it, is going to get tossed into the playroom with the rest of the plastic, or worse, into the "regift" closet!  So, I've been a little stressed about it.

I was online browsing and happened upon the most amazing website - Sarah and Abraham.  I am flipping out over this company!  I think my gift debacle is solved.  Check out some of my favorites...

Framed Letter and Name Silhouette...OMG!!! 
Tons of options are available for the background color, letter, and silhouette.  The perfect addition to a nursery or bedroom.
personalized art prints

Customized Pillow...equal OMG!!!
Okay, this is my fav...customized pillow.  Wait until you see the custom options! I'm talking hair color, eye color, eye SHAPE, expression, and skin tone! Also, there are tons of different pillow colors in adorable names like bubblegum, blossom, and bluebell! Cute, cute, CUTE! 
olliegraphic pillow :: girl

Personalized Bowl
olliegraphic bowl :: superhero (boy)

Won't sweet potatoes and rice cereal look posh in this adorable little bowl?! Like the pillow, this item can also be personalized right down to skin! There is also a matching plate to complete the set. 

Have fun browsing this fabulous website! Oh, and "Like" the company on Facebook.  I noticed that Sara, the owner, runs promotions pretty often. 

Happy shopping and good night!  

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