Friday, June 10, 2011

Frugal Friday - Trumeau Mirror

My hubby has been out of town this week, so I have been staying at my parents home.  I came back home yesterday afternoon, unpacked, and then took a moment to admire (sigh!) the treasure I collected while staying on the other side of the river.  

On Monday, I stopped in a tiny antique...okay, junk shop called Antiques And More.  What an, clothes, glassware, and toys were packed in every imaginable space, and Gospel music was blaring from a radio in the back.  My senses were in complete overload.  Thankfully,  I hadn't been in the door 5 minutes when I gasped at the sight of something I have been on the search for! Partially hidden behind two stacks of boxes and a chest of drawers that had seen better days was...a solid wood TRUMEAU MIRROR!!! I swear I almost screamed out loud.  As a little background info. I have been lusting for a French trumeau mirror for the last, hmmm, decade!  They are so difficult to find, and usually if you DO find one they have two to three zeros behind that first number.  This one...$18....seriously....I think my thrifting stars aligned in that moment! 

trumeau mirror inspiration
frugal find trumeau mirror
Now, keep in mind that this trumeau mirror has not been painted...and definitely isn't French, but just wait, I am going to have her looking pretty darn fabulous (and French like) in a couple of weeks.  I'll share her grand reveal the meantime, I'm already clearing a space over the mantle for her new home!

TGIF everyone!!! 


  1. Good find, Aarynn! Happy Friday!

  2. Aarynn, I enjoy your blog. What you're doing with your finds reminds me of my projects in late 60s/70s. They used to sell antiquing kits. I did a pink with white stain on an old pine dresser, an old table and new chairs in a green and an antique desk in blue, both with a top coat similar to the one you used in the pretty green table. Have fun!

  3. this is amazing, aarynn! love it!