Monday, July 4, 2011

Schools Out For Summer...

Or is it?  I made this little chalkboard on a whim. It was so easy you might just get the itch to make one yourself and have the kiddos working on their ABCs all summer!

I say that I made this chalkboard on a "whim", but really there is more to the story.  My husband works from home, so all his work materials are sent directly to our house.  Needless to say the FedEx truck keeps a hot trail down our street.  Well, every time I hear the breaks squeaking, I make a mad dash to the front door to keep the delivery man (woman, actually) from ringing the doorbell.  All you moms know what I'm talking about...doorbell rings, dog goes bananas, baby wakes up from the nap, baby screams, you scream at the dog, and everything pretty much goes downhill from there. To keep this from happening on a daily basis (I'm a quick learner), I realized I needed a sign.  I could use a Post-it or something similar, but wouldn't it make more sense to have something where I could change the message? So, a chalkboard came to mind.  I had a few pretty frames that I picked up from various places laying around, so I thought I would use one to craft a pretty sign for the front door.  This was such a simple little project and turned out so darn cute, I just had to share!

I chose this thrift store frame I picked up for a buck!  I liked the curvy lines but not the color, so I changed that up by painting the frame two coats of Benjamin Moore Linen White, then lightly distressed the edges.

I took the glass piece out and sanded it using a 220 grit sanding block.  I did this to roughen the surface and give the chalkboard paint something to "grab" hold of.

I painted about four layers of chalkboard paint right onto the glass, letting each layer dry before applying the next. I used a sponge brush to keep the streaking minimal. 

Warning:  When you open the can of chalk paint you might be a bit is blue!  Not what I expected!

When the paint dried I put the glass back into the frame...and, drum roll...instant chalkboard! Well, almost...I had to add a ribbon to hang the sign on the front door.  I had a pretty piece of pink silk left over from my hoarding jokes! 

Okay, Ms. FedEx, you are getting a fair warning now...slowly back away from the bell!

While we are on the friend Heather, over at her fabulous blog, DIY duJour, has inspired me to make another chalkboard (on a much larger scale) for my kitchen/dining room.  Check out her vintage frame redo...AWESOME!  

DIY duJour's Vintage Frame Chalkboard
I was thrifting a few days ago and came across this gorgeous mirror.  The price was $25...much more than I would typically pay for a frame/mirror, but it is solid wood with pretty carved detailing, and a chippy gold leaf finish.  

I think it is perfect the way it is, i.e. no paint necessary!  YAY...I'm ready for a painting break! I am going to work on turning this mirror into a chalkboard this week.  Stay tuned to see how this project pans out! 

Happy 4th of July! 

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  1. Your little chalkboard is so cute! Thanks for the shoutout!! :)