Home Sweet Home

Hello! Welcome to our little cottage!
We fell in love with this three bedroom, two bath Cape Cod three years ago the first time we saw it...but, for totally different reasons of course! My husband, being male, loved it because it was a solid little brick house, on a quiet street, and in the price range.  Me, being a total girl, loved it for the original hardwood floors, dormers in the upstairs bedrooms, and this wallpaper in the bathroom.  
For manys reasons it was the perfect house for us...and still is.  I just worry that we will eventually outgrow it...sob! But, until then we enjoy every moment.  Let me give you the two cent tour...follow me!

If I had to put a label on my style, I guess I would call it Rustic Romantic...I love distressed furniture, aspects of nature (botanical prints, antlers, topiaries,), folk art, and touches of industrial fabrics, like burlap and grain sacs.  However, to keep things from looking a little too Paul Bunyan, I like to add a little glamor...chandeliers, a ruffle or two, and soft colors.  You will notice that I am drawn to a soft palette in shades of brown, cream, and blue.  The same color scheme flows throughout my house, which has worked to my advantage, because I can switch furniture around when I get tired of seeing it in the same place. 

This is the living room and den all combined into one.  
living room
And...usually on that far left chair you will find Bailey, my other baby! 
Past the living room is a guest bedroom on the first floor.  We also have a desk and computer area in this room.  When you live in a small house, rooms, spaces, and storage have to double up on function.  
Also on the first floor is the kitchen and dining room.  In the kitchen you will probably notice the WILD floors! We had those hand painted a few months ago.  It always bothered me a little that the wood in the kitchen didn't match that of the rest of the house, so this was a simple solution.  I think it adds a lot of character too. I will tell you more about the process later when I blog about painted floors (which I just LOVE right now, btw!)
dining room
On the second floor, there is the master bedroom with a pretty fabulous closet (thank goodness, because I like fashion second to interior design), a bathroom, and the nursery.  
master bedroom

Well, I told you this was the two cent tour so that's about it!  I'll add some more pics of the backyard, bathrooms, and that fab little closet later.  They really weren't "photo ready" today if you know what I mean...I need to do a little straightening up first!  

I want to hear how you like to decorate.  What colors do you feel drawn to when decorating? Using two words how would you describe your style?