Monday, September 26, 2011

Move Over Missoni

A couple of weeks ago the Missoni release at Target was the talk around town.  Okay, maybe around the world.  Can you believe it made NATIONAL news?!  That was pretty exciting, but you know what is even more exciting...a French Country line at Target.  Okay, now that is newsworthy stuff!  

Remember my little faux grain sack tea towel from a few weeks ago?  I squealed in delight (Really! Rustic stuff makes me go a little cuckoo) when I saw it hanging there with all that beautiful cream and cranberry colored stoneware.

Well,  the rustic farmhouse/French country style must be a hit, because I was in Target today and noticed the collection has been extended.  Check out what I found throughout the home section... 

An adorable footstool covered in grain sack fabric! Double squeal! I want that little stool so bad, but I slowly walked away day I'll come back for you....sniff, sniff. 

Chicken wire baskets with a linen fabric lining.  These would be perfect for organizing a pantry or closet.    Hmmm....maybe a future project.

And, French script lampshades.  How fun to replace an existing shade with one of these for the fall.  Quick and easy update.  

  Move over, Missoni, there is a new designer in town Target! 

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