Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two Tassels and One Long Overdue Project

Well, I finally got around to a simple, yet long overdue project in MW's nursery.  Remember when I got a bee in my bonnet to hang panels on the the dormer window (thank you Dear Lilly for that inspiration)?

The panels were SCREAMING for two tie-backs to hold back the fabric.  I found a perfect set at a little consignment shop right around the corner called Urban Castaways...hmmm, castaways...yes, please!  I was in the shop weeks ago and found a perfect set of cream colored tie-backs for $12! I like these because they aren't too dressy.  It's hard to find simple tie-backs.  Usually they are beaded, shiny, and a touch too formal for me.  

So, I decided how far up I wanted the tassels to hang (just eye-balled it), then made a little mark with a highlighter.  Why a highlighter?  Because it is the only writing utensil I could find in the entire house! Anyway, I marked identical heights on both sides.

I then used a hammer and nail to make a little hole and screwed in both hooks.  

Ten minutes later, a finished project.  

This was so quick and easy, what took me so long to get this done?! Oh, yeah, my little monkey!   Check out how she entertained herself while I was busy at work.


  1. Those are without a doubt the cutest curtains EVER! Love the tiebacks, they're perfect. And your little muffin is a cutie pie!


  2. Hey Cindy! Thanks for the compliment! You are so sweet. Is that original lamb painting still available? Just thinking....:)