Friday, September 2, 2011

Frame Gallery - Part 1

I am loving vintage frame wall galleries! So much, that I am attempting one of my own.  I have been gathering inspiration from Pinterest...

picturePhoto of a pin
Vintage photos/framesvintage frame + chalkboard.

and my sister-in-law!  Check out how she used vintage frames to create an art gallery for her kiddos! So cool, and isn't that blue just fabulous!?  She just started a blog documenting the renovations she and her husband make to their darling little cottage in Matthews County. 

max’s art gallery wall

I have been collecting frames for several months now - bought a few from thrift shops, found one on the trash, and given a couple.  Most of the frames were gold before I gave them a few coats of cream paint.  It never ceases to amaze me how a little paint can give something tired and tacky a whole new lot in life.

So, I took my collection of ugly, mismatched frames and gave them a "facelift" with a little Krylon spraypaint.  I prefer the satin finish to gloss, but that is just a personal preference.  This brand is THE BEST! It leaves a really smooth, even finish (no priming necessary...whew!).

I plan on using my frame collection to create a little family photo gallery on this empty wall in my bedroom.

Since my collection of frames are lacking the mechanisms of new frames, such as glass, cardboard backing, hanging hardware, etc. I am going to mix a few new frames into the collection.  This way the old, vintage frames are incorporated with the new for a perfectly collected look.  Too much vintage and you get a "shabby, NOT so chic" look, and all new....well, how do I put this? BORING! I purchased three new frames from Target to mix in with my vintage collection.  I am also adding in a few items other than frames and photos to the mix.  I have my 'M' that I keep moving around in my house, a small music note wreath (a recent Etsy purchase), and a little needlepoint "poof" that will add visual interest to my wall gallery.  

I have started to play around with the layout and the photos that I am going to include in the gallery, but I'm not even close to being finished.  I will keep you posted on my wall still is a work in progress!

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