Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few Great Finds

I actually had an entire morning to myself last week.  My mom took the baby for a few hours and I did what any girl would do with free time...went shopping!! I hit up a couple of my favorite shops in the area:  TJs (TJ Maxx that is) Rooms, Blooms, and More and A.Dodson's.  Check out a few of my budget finds...

TJ Maxx:
I have a thing for pastoral art.. a fancy word for farm animals/scenes. I like cows, chickens, sheep, horses...I must be channeling my inner cowgirl.  Something about grazing livestock is just peaceful to me.  With that being said, you can just imagine my excitement when I found this little treasure hidden beneath a pile of frames at TJs.  I would have LOVED to find a few more, but this was it.  The frame is a distressed blue/green color, my favorite decorating color.  The price...$7.99.  Score!

Rooms, Bloom, and More:
I immediately spotted this little needlepoint pillow.  You know I couldn't  resist a baby and a bunny.  Does it get any cuter?

And also this adorable picture frame.  I love the dull gold finish and the big bow at the bottom.  I added it to my little collection of gold frames I found a few months back for a buck! 

A. Dodsons:
For becoming a Facebook friend and AVID follower (okay...stalker) I had a 25% coupon at A.Dodsons, so I redeemed it on this adorable little lamp.  I have a lamp fetish.  I can't stop myself.  If I see a cute one, it just jumps right into my shopping cart.  This one was less than $20 with the discount.  Holla! I think I am going to put it the upstairs bathroom that is in much need of accessorizing right now (more on that later).  And, btw, the store is completely decorated for Halloween and looks SPOOK-tactlar! 

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  1. Hey Aarynn! I was just thinking that I'd love to go shopping with you sometime! Love the bathroom re-do too! xo Lauren