Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bathroom Revamp - Part 1

Our upstairs bathroom is long overdue for a little sprucing.  We pondered an entire renovation, but the estimate was a weeeee bit more than we wanted to put into the space, so I decided that a few inexpensive tweaks could add impact without breaking the bank.    

Here are a few of my inspirational photos...
Bathroom Love the simple black and white color scheme.
Bathroom bathroom
bathroom bathroom

Okay, enough drooling, back to my budget bathroom!  I am going to list the five areas that need some attention then over the next week or two show you the revamp process. we go.  I'm warning's pretty BLAH right now!

The Primp Plan:

1. Remove the old shower curtain rod and hang much higher.  This will give the illusion of higher ceilings. Also, replace the standard size shower curtain with an extra-long, 96" white one. 

2.  Add a window treatment to the empty window.  

3.  Remove the unframed mirror above the sink and replace with a framed mirror, then hang the mirror higher.  Replace molding strip where the mirror used to "sit".

4.  I love the wainscoting and the glass knobs (instant cottage character), but I need to add a new rug and accessories to make the space look finished. 

5.  Organize the drawers and cabinets so that I can easily access toiletries, make-up, medicines, etc.

I know, I know...I have my work cut out! However, I have a plan.  Stay tuned to watch my little bathroom transform! 

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