Saturday, July 9, 2011

Junky Shelf Redo

$2 shelf - AFTER

Well I finally got around to refurbishing the shelf I picked up at a thrift shop a few weeks ago.  You may remember it from my junk pile...

Here is a closer photo of it in all its gold glory.

$2 shelf - BEFORE

The shelf was in pretty good shape.  I just had a few cosmetic adjustments I had to make to get this little shelf in "working order". I first had to remove the hooks (FUG-LY), paint the entire shelf BM's linen white, then finally add a little distressing using a fine grit piece of sandpaper.

After painting painting the shelf two coats then distressing, I used the original holes as a guide, and drilled all the way through so that I could screw in the glass knobs...which, btw, aren't cheap! I paid $4 per knob at Lowes.

I then hung the shelf in MW's nursery on a wall that needed a little "attention".
Note the crooked vintage prints! LOL!

I had to break out the level so that the shelf wasn't as crooked as those prints!
All in all, a pretty easy (and quick) fix, and look how pretty it turned out!  Perfect for displaying little Miss MW's pretties. 

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