Thursday, August 11, 2011

POP Quiz!

Okay, don't panic! This is a quiz that you will actually enjoy taking!

I was browsing a blog that I follow daily (yeah, yeah, I know...I need to get a life!) - Young Love House.  This adorable couple have an AMAZING blog where they pretty much document every home improvement they make to their "fixer upper" house in Richmond.  Anywho, their blog featured a design quiz that was just so darn fun to take I had to share it with you! 

Ethan Allan, although not on the thrifty side AT ALL, has a fabulous website! Included on their website is a "What is Your Signature Style" quiz.  Click on the link and it will take you to the "test site".  Here you will view a series of photos. You will click on the photos that appeal to you the most, then receive your style results - Elegance, Modern, Romance, Explorer, or Vintage. 

So fun, and SPOT ON in my case - Vintage!

Hmmm...not sure what all that means, and I'm also not sure about that outfit the model is rockin', BUT, I do see three words that ring true for my decorating style: PEACEFUL, COLLECTED, DISTRESSED.  

And the photos Ethan Allen provided in addition to describing my style confirmed it! I'm in decorating heaven...sigh.  Makes me want to go shopping at Ethan Allen...just kidding! 

So have some fun with this little quiz and see if it helps you pinpoint your decorating personality.  You may find the results spot on, or totally off!  Either way, it's a little free Thursday night entertainment...enjoy! 

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