Monday, August 1, 2011

Frugal Friday...On Monday...

because I was too busy to get to it on Friday! You understand, right? I hope so! Well, folks, I've been thrifting again! Check it out.

Let's talk about some plans for this junk collection of treasures! 

I probably having you scratching your head over that trophy, huh?  It is probably my favorite item in the pile.  I don't even plan on polishing it.  I love the patina! I found it in a local junk shop and got really excited because I thought it was a vintage equestrian silver cup....THOUGHT...not exactly, it is...wait for it...a bowling trophy! LOL! Not quite as cool, but I love it nonetheless.  I have been using it as a vase.

Next are the three terra-cotta pots.  Cute as they are, but I have already revamped them and made them a tad more interesting.  I gave them a coat of chalk-board paint (are you getting tired of the chalkboard paint yet? Me either!) Then, with a piece of chalk numbered the pots.  The grand finale - I added FAUX topiaries (because you know I don't do the real thing) that I picked up at Michaels for $3.50 each!

The chippy wooden frame is being added to my frame collection and saved for a future project.  More to come on that!  It already got a good scrub down and coat of cream paint.

My final treasure is the set of needlepoint wall art.  I like needlepoint, don't get me wrong, but it usually isn't something on my radar.  However, I fell in love with this darling little girl and boy.  The girl is holding a kitten and the boy, a puppy.  The colors are soft and sweet.  I couldn't help but picture this set in a nursery.  

However, the frames are gross. The faux cherry wood is too dark and there are a couple of chips in the wood.  I was thinking about cleaning them up and patching the chips with wood filler, but honestly, I'm just not in the mood. So, I saw these little bunny pillows online and decided to turn the needlepoint set into similar pillows for MW's nursery.  

I'll show you the results when the project is finished. In the meantime, don't forget about the vintage tray giveaway.  Simply refer as many of your friends possible to Castaway To Couture's Facebook site.  You have until Wednesday!


  1. I love the chalkboard pots!! BTW - I need to give you back your chalkboard paint!!!

  2. Beautiful!!! I looooove your bowling trophy! Especially because it isn't something I would think to pick up and am SO impressed by how fabulous it is!