Thursday, October 13, 2011

Afternoon Plate Project

It is a well know fact I have a little smidge of ADD...okay, maybe a lot.  I was getting a little burned out on my bathroom revamp, so I switched projects.  I'll get back to the ol' bathroom, but decided to switch it up and decorate for Halloween (my second favorite "holiday"...not sure if Halloween is really a holiday, but you know what I mean) and work on my plate project.

I am going to be honest, I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of hanging plates on the wall.  I saw a few inspirational photos on Pinterest and it got me thinking.

plates on wall

Pinned Image

Simple wall rack for plates.  


Then I saw these BEAUTIFUL, rustic plates at Tuesday Morning (the first two), and that got me thinking a little more.

The final straw...I consulted friends, and they all agreed that it was cool...not stuffy and old ladyish.  So I went back to Tuesdays and picked up a few of those plates.  I also dusted off an Ironstone turkey platted that I already had hiding in a drawer (I am going to put this beauty on another wall). 

Finally, a sweet friend (with great taste) found a couple more coordinating cuties for me at TJs and voila! A plate montage!

In the event I have inspired you (YAY!) and you are thinking about adding a few plates to a wall in your house, let me share the very easy process!  First, lay the plates out on a flat surface and decide how you want to arrange them on your wall.  I kept it pretty simple!

Next, add the easy plate mounting hardware.  I picked these up at Micheals for $2.65 apiece.  They come is sizes small, medium, and large.  I used the small for the salad plates, medium for dinner, and large for the platter.

Then, eyeball where you want the largest plate to rest on the wall...I think a little above eye-level is perfect.  The smaller plates will fill in the spaces above and below the "focal plate".

Finally, measure, mark with a pencil and add the nail.  Your plates are then ready for hanging!

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